Tennis Coaching at Royal Ascot Tennis Club

Internal Club Leagues

Throughout the year we have TWO SINGLES leagues (called 'Premiership' and 'Championship'), and a MIXED league.

Each league has WhatsApp groups to help members arrange matches and report their results and whilst there is a requirement to play at least three matches a quarter you can play anyone who is in your league.

The standard format for matches is the best of two tie-break sets with a championship tie-break if necessary, however if both players (pairs) prefer just to have a one set shoot out or a full three set match then this is up to the players to agree beforehand.
Each league run approximately as per the seasons, namely:

  • Winter: Dec, Jan, Feb (Finals Mar)
  • Spring: Mar, Apr, May (Finals Jun)
  • Summer: Jun, Jul, Aug (Finals Sep)
  • Autumn: Sep, Oct, Nov (Finals Dec)

    Jaeson De Barros is the administrator for the Premiership and Andy Furst is the administrator for the Championship, with both sharing the administration of the Mixed Doubles.
    To get involved contact Andy and Jaeson at:

  • Our Past Season Winners

    L Hunting, Royal Ascot Tennis Club Player

    Louis Hunting

    Louis Hunting (Premiership League Winner Summer 2020).

    A Coughlin Ascot, Berkshire

    Andy Coughlin

    Andy Coughlin (Premiership League Runner Up Summer 2020)

    Ascot Tennis Player Berkshire

    Honor Abell

    Honor Abell (Championship League Winner Summer 2020)

    L Buttle Berkshire

    Lisa Buttle

    Lisa Buttle (Championship League Runner Up Summer 2020)

    J De Barros, Royal Ascot Tennis Club Player

    Jeason Debarros

    Jaeson Debarros (Premiership League Winner Winter 2019). Also the administrator, but apparently no score fixing went on.

    A Furst Ascot, Berkshire

    Andy Furst

    Andy Furst (Premiership League Runner Up Winter 2019)

    Ascot Tennis Player Berkshire

    Ruth Graham

    Ruth Graham (Championship League Winner Winter 2019)

    J Lovelock Berkshire

    June Lovelock

    June Lovelock (Championship League Runner Up Winter 2019)

    Friendly and Fun for everyone first, competitive second. These leagues are for players of all standards, so please do join in.

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