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Box Leagues

  • S/S 2017

Each Player must play each Player within their box, before current cycle ends (current cycle deadline dates are posted in Clubhouse). Matches must be booked in the Tennis Clubs Booking Calendar.

Matches cannot be played in Club Session or Match Practice hours.

Match winner will be awarded 3 Points. Match loser awarded 2 points if they gained a set. Player awarded 1 point if played but not won a set.

Matches are 3 Sets. Tie Breaks at 6-6. 7 Point Tie Breaks.
Winning player. Please email your results to Mark Lejman - once games are played.
At the end of each cycle, players with highest points progress up a League, and players with lowest will be relegated down. In the event of players on the same points, then progression or relegation will be counted back to game scores.

If you are not currently in the Box League and would like to join in, please email Mark Lejman - and you can be added.

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