Royal Ascot Tennis Club

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Royal Ascot Tennis Club Championships 2019

  • S/S 2019

Each Player must play opponents on the table, before the deadlines of each round.

Matches must be booked in the Tennis Clubs Booking Calendar.

Matches can be played on any court outside of Club Session*, Match Practice, or Berks League Match times. *During Club Sessions, players can book COURT 4 for Club Championship matches.

Matches are 2 Sets, Tie Breaks at 6-6. 7 Point Tie Breaks. A 10 point Championship tie break, third set, at 1 set each.
Winning player(s). Please email your results to Ruth + Cliff Graham (Social Secretaries) once matches are completed.

The Clubs Finals Day is 15th September 2019. By entering the Club Championship, you have confirmed that you are available to play on the 15th September uninterupted.

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